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Daily Specials & Home of the best burgers in town!

The Castle Bar and Grill is located in Littleton, just North of Arapahoe Road and Broadway.  Need Directions?

Reviews from our Customers:


In January 2013, Juanita H. from Littleton Wrote on

Great burgers (and other food), Great service!  Have only been there twice (so far) and both times was very happy with the food and service!  We've had burritos, burgers, chile cheese fries, fried mushrooms and everything was great!  It's definitely a bar atmosphere but I'd never hesitate to go there for a terrific lunch! Two for one burgers on Tuesdays.

In December 2012, Jeff S from Littleton wrote on

If you know anything about me from my reviews, it's how much I value customer service.  Matthew S and I have been coming here every week for 4 months now, and it's for a fantastic burger and perfect, I mean PERFECT, customer service!??Dawn, Terri, Erica, you three are awesome!  You greet everyone warmly, you remember our names, you remember our orders, you obviously have fun at work, and you three are simply a pleasure to be around!  Even if the burger wasn't as good as it is, that alone would keep me coming back!  ??Cheers!

In November 2012, Yovonne B.  from Englewood wrote on 

We love this place! Have been coming here for a few years and have always had great service and the burgers? Amazing. We love hole in the wall spots and you get that feeling here but you also get first class service, great prices,  generous drinks and all the regulars make you feel like you are no stranger.

Scott from Littleton writes:

...I stopped in for my first visit earlier this evening. I ordered the burger with cheddar cheese and fries for a reasonable 8 bucks. It was straight-up delicious - the burger was as big and juicy as it was tasty, and the fries just right. Our server, Dawn, was fun and attentive, brought the food quickly and made sure all was right.

Tuesdays are their buy-one-get-one-free nights, and my Outlook has been marked accordingly.

Aaron from Denver writes:

This place is awesome!!!  I drove by this local joint a couple months ago and lucky me, I didn't forget about it and stopped in for a cold one and some lunch the other week...DELICIOUS!!! I had one of the best burger's I have had in Denver and my lady and some pretty tasty tacos.

...The music was good, and there was plenty of TV's to watch any sport that could have been on. I highly recommend anyone hitting up this place.  Also, it looks like they have a bevy of things going on during the week and weekend nights, which I would be all over if I lived closer.

Alison from Littleton writes:

Awesome surprise!  Great burger, tasty beer options and friendly staff.  Tapp (the owner) stopped by for a chat.  Something fun for music on Saturday, trivia contests and more.  A great neighborhood bar...CHEERS!

Rick from Littleton writes:

If you haven't been here on a Tuesday night, you MUST! 2 for 1 burgers! Their burger are huge and me & the wife get dinner & drinks for under $20. They have a burger with ham and sour kraut on it that is just friggin' AWESOME! (The waitress had to talk me into it). The staff is warm and friendly. 

Daniel from Denver writes:

Husband and wife team, great people.  The burgers are awesome. It is a good local bar.  I highly recommend this place.

Tammy from Littleton writes:

Have driven past here for years and years...but then heard thru the grapevine that they have some hellacious burgers, so after church I convinced the hubby to go to The Castle for burgers and beers.  

We ordered (what else?) burgers.  I got the burger smothered with green chili and my hubby, ever the purist just ordered a burger.  

It took a little while to get the food but that was fine, we were enjoying watching football and the regulars and drinking beer.  How bad can that be?  Also, it told me that the burgers were probably being handmade and not some frozen patty.  

Finally, the burgers arrived.  The burgers were really yummy I have to say.  ...They are damn good and the green chili rocked as well.  Also really great fries as well.

We will return!

Tom from Broomfield writes:

Great burgers! We went to The Castle for burgers last Friday. They were awesome! I had the "Double Beef Burger". It was like a Ruben on a burger. The corned beef tasted like it was home made as you can really taste the clove and other spices. The burger came with shoestring fries that were hot and crispy. The server informed us that burgers are 2 for 1 on Tuesdays. I will be back tomorrow!